Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Floradata monitors ecological systems and hidrological resources in the scope of the Monitoring Plans of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). We are experienced in large works such as high-ways, the metro of Lisbon and Porto, wind farms and large factories such as Ikea Industry in Paços de Ferreira. We also execute monitoring plans at the client’s request, whether to evaluate the removal of exotic and invading species or projects of habitat recovery such as LIFE. These monitorings can be delineated by Floradata in consideration for the project’s specific goals.

We have a wide range of collaborators that allow us to guarantee the monitoring of nearly all biological groups, including vascular flora, liquens, birds, herpetofauna, bats, insects, fish and macrophytes, as well as other evaluation components for the ecological state of water masses such as diatoms and benthic macroinvertebrates.

Regarding hydric resources, beyond the biological quality of water, we also evaluate physico-chemical parameters with the collaboration of an associated laboratory. We work with superficial and subterranean waters, measuring water flow, ground water levels and other parameters.

Our team includes certified experts in River Habitat System (RHS).

Regarding tree monitoring, our staff is highly experienced in fitosanity evaluation according to the VTA method.

Services offered for Environmental Monitoring:

  • Flora, Vegetation and Habitat Monitoring;
  • Fauna Monitoring, including in relation to roadkills;
  • Tree Monitoring;
  • Hydric Resources Monitoring;
  • River Habitat Systems (RHS).