Forests, Spatial Planning, Civil Protection and Risks

Forests, Spatial Planning, Civil Protection and Risks

Floradata provides spatial planning services, incorporating existing ecological values and considering the current environmental conditions.This service may be provided at different scales, for instance in Municipal Land Use Plans (Detailed Zoning Plans, Urbanization Plans, revision of Municipal Zoning Plans), Regional Land Use Plans, Inter-municipal Land Use Plans, Special Land Use Plans (Coastal Planning, Protected Reservoirs Planning, Protected Waters Planning, Estuary Planning). The provided services may also be relevant for any planning action for nature parks or nature conservation areas at local, municipal or regional scales.

Continuous analysis of vulnerabilities to risky situations is one of the roles of civil protection. Risks have always accompanied human endeavours, meaning that the protection of citizens presents an ongoing challenge, presented by the many types of potential natural and man-made disasters. Systematic analysis of the development of damaging processes and events and the circumstances leading to their occurrence is crucial for the definition of priorities for vulnerability management and risk mitigation. The teachings obtained from this analysis also provide the ability to anticipate scenarios with potential to cause serious accidents or catastrophes, making it possible to organize structures and procedures for response preparation, increasing response capacity. In this context, the offered services meet the demands of current society, keeping in mind environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Services offered for Forests and Spatial Planning:

  • Regional Forest Plans and Programmes;
  • Forest Fire Protection Plans for Municipalities and Districts;
  • Operational Municipal Plans;
  • Forest Management Plans;
  • Ecology and Biodiversity components of Land Planning studies;
  • Biophysical Characterizations for Land Planning studies;
  • Ecology and Biodiversity components of Planning studies for natural areas, nature parks and nature conservation areas at national, regional or municipal scales;
  • Development of proposals for the definition of basis and guidelines for environmental conservation and sustainability policies.

Services offered for Civil Protection and Risks:

  • Civil Protection Emergency Plans, developed according to the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority’s guidelines;
  • Special Civil Protection Emergency Plans;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Risk Mapping.