Paulo Alves

Scientific Manager

  • BSc in Biology.

Scientific Manager at Floradata. Paulo has an extensive record as a researcher at CIBIO/InBIO. Paulo has a BSc in Biology and has long performed research in biodiversity and conservation, vegetation and landscape ecology, ecological monitoring and biological invasions. He has a large amount of experience participating in scientific research projects, planning and management projects (currently serving as a team coordinator in the development of management plans for 20 Natura 2000 Network SACs), and Environmental Impact Assessment studies for multiple types of projects. Paulo regularly contributes data on plant taxonomy and chorology for several international projects, such as Flora Iberica and European Flora, being a (co-)author in approximately fifty works published as research papers or book chapters. He has worked at Porto Botanical Garden, where he identified plant specimens in both the botanical garden and the herbarium, often collaborating in projects aimed at identifying ornamental plant species, particularly in public gardens.